Patients’ Awareness about the Complications of Diabetes Mellitus and its Co-relation with the Glycemic Status

  • Krishna Kumar Agrawaal Department of Internal Medicine, Universal College of Medical Sciences, Nepal.
Keywords: awareness of diabetic complications; HbA1c; patient awareness.


Introduction: Diabetes is a major cause of morbidity and cardiovascular related mortality along with a major cause of preventable blindness and foot amputation. There are limited studies on diabetes awareness, attitude, and prevalence.

Methods: Thus, we designed a study to seek the patients awareness about the complications associated with diabetes. It was a prospective observational study which included 123 patients with Diabetes Mellitus.

Results: The mean age of population studied was 53 years mainly from the Rupandehi and Nawalparasi districts in Nepal attending a clinic. In the study Erectile Dysfunction was statistically significant with postprandial hyperglycemia. Lack of Awareness about a calorie specific diet plan was significantly associated with increased blood sugar fasting level >110mg/dl. A majority of patients (58%) had awareness regarding kidney damage and 51% had awareness that Diabetes causes delayed wound healing. Only 3% of the patients did a regular foot care and 9% knew what the target glycemic status is. About 36% know that there can be cardiac complications due to diabetes and 27% regarding eyes. Similarly 36% of the patients also knew that there is neuropathy due to diabetes and 18% were aware about CVA. About 54% of the patients had Fasting >110mg%.

Conclusions: The study showed that though the patients are on OADs but they lack awareness about the major complications related to diabetes mellitus.

Keywords: awareness of diabetic complications; HbA1c; patient awareness.


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