Giant Left Atrium - A Rare Case of Acute Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding

  • Khus Raj Dewan Department of Gastroenterology, CMS-TH, Bharatpur, Nepal.
  • Bhanumati Saikia Patowary Department of Gastroenterology, CMS-tH, Bharatpur, Nepal.
  • Subash Bhattarai Department of Gastroenterology, CMS-TH, Bharatpur, Nepal.


Acute upper GI bleeding is a common medical emergency with a hospital mortality of approximately
10%. Non variceal UGI bleeding is the most common cause followed by oesophageal varices. Various
rare causes have been described in the literature but there are very few cases of giant left atrium
leading to oesophageal erosion and causing upper GI bleeding. We are presenting a case of rheumatic
valvular heart disease with giant left atrium who presented in our department with acute upper GI
Keywords: giant left atrium;oesophgeal erosion; upper GI bleeding. | PubMed


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