Epidermoid Cyst of Tongue

  • Choubarga Naik Department of Dentistry, VSS Medical College, Burla, Odisha, 768017, India.
  • Nilamadhab Prusty Department of Dentistry, VSS Medical College, Burla, odisha, 768017, India.
Keywords: dermoid; epidermoid cyst; tounge.


Epidermoid cyst occurring within the tongue is rare. A 5 year old male child was brought to OPD with a tongue mass which was gradually increasing in size. There was associated difficulty in speech and mastication as the swelling increased in size. Intraoral examination revealed moderately tender, fluctuant and enlarged tongue. A diagnosis of dermoid cyst was made and the patient was booked for surgery. Excision of the cyst was done under general anaesthesia. Post-operative histopathology was done. The histopathological findings confirm the diagnosis of an epidermoid cyst, characterized by the presence of: (I) a cyst cavity lined by stratified squamous epithelium with keratinization on the surface; and (II) connective tissue with a mild inflammation. The proposed treatment was considered successful as the case was solved and there was no recurrence. 
Keywords: dermoid; epidermoid cyst;tounge. | PubMed


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