Outcome of Needle Fenestration, Subacromial Steroid and Diclofenac Phonophoresis in Acute Calcific Tendinitis of Shoulder

  • Rajendra Sanjel Chhetri Department of Orthopedics, Lumbini Zonal Hospital and Lumbini Hospital and Technical College, Butwal, Nepal
  • Kishor Prashad Khatri Department of Orthopedics, Lumbini Zonal Hospital and Lumbini Hospital and Technical College, Butwal, Nepal
  • Jagadish Khanal Department of Orthopedics, Lumbini Zonal Hospital and Lumbini Hospital and Technical College, Butwal, Nepal
  • Milan KC Department of Orthopedics, Lumbini Zonal Hospital and Lumbini Hospital and Technical College, Butwal, Nepal
Keywords: Acute calcific tendinitis; Phonophoresis; Visual Analogue Scale (VAS); Simple Shoulder Test (SST).


Introduction: Acute calcific tendinitis of shoulder is very painful and disturbing condition. There are many modalities with variable outcome to address the condition. We studied needling technique with multiple fenestration, subacromial steroid and diclofenac phonophoresis and evaluated the outcome in term of pain relief and improvement of shoulder function at a simple outpatient clinical set up without image or ultrasound guidance.

Methods: We studied 18 cases of acute calcific tendinitis presenting within one week from onset of symptoms and X-ray showing calcific deposit. All underwent needle fenestration at maximum tender site with lignocaine loaded syringe, subsequent injection of 40 mg subacromial methylprednisolone and diclofenac phonophoresis done by qualified physiotherapist for five days. Visual Analogue Scale was used to measure pain, Simple shoulder Test applied to evaluate shoulder function and size of calcific deposit was measured at maximum length.

Results: Pain subsided dramatically and there was substantial improvement of shoulder function within a week.

Conclusions: Needle fenestration and subacromial methylprednisolone along with diclofenac phonophoresis without image guidance gives excellent pain reduction and improves shoulder function which can be done at simple outpatient clinic.


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