Clinical Outcome and Safety Profile of Patients Underwent Hair Transplantation Surgery by Follicular Unit Extraction

  • Rupak Bishwokarma Ghimire Department of Dermatology, Kathmandu Medical College, Sinamangal, Kathmandu, Nepal
Keywords: Follicular Unit Extraction; Hair Transplantation



Introduction: Hair transplant surgery is a minimally invasive surgery, where hair follicle is transplanted from donor area of patient’s own body to the desired area.

Methods: Patient with hair transplant surgery from a clinic were followed up for one year. The patients were asked for their complications within 2 days, 7 days, one month, 2 to 6 months and one year for assessment of results, side effects. At the end of one-year, subjective evaluation was done with patient’s satisfaction to growth as- poor growth, satisfactory and good growth.

Results: Out of 152 patients, maximum patients 74 (48.6%) were in age group 21-30, followed by 61 (40.01%) in age group 31-40, mean age was 31.79, youngest being 21 years and oldest being 70 years of age. Among the complications, swelling of forehead was in more than two- thirds of the patients 106 (69.74%), followed by temporary hair fall noted in 65 (42.76%) of patients. Clients’ remarks noted at the end on one-year revealed 86.18% as excellent results, 11.84% as satisfactory and 1.97% as poor results.

Conclusions: Hair transplant sugary by FUE is a relatively safe surgery with optimum results and minimum complications, which can be useful to patients with androgenetic alopecia.


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