Sirenomelia: A Case Report

Keywords: case report; ectromelia; fused legs and feet; mermaid syndrome; sirenomelia.


Sirenomelia is primarily a congenital anomaly where a normally paired lower limb is replaced by a single midline limb and is characterized by single umbilical artery. Such cases though considered rare do occur at our set-up and to make health workers aware regarding the condition, so that they can be managed well when encountered, lays the importance of reporting such case. A referred case of Sirenomelia from Dhading district hospital was presented to Emergency department of Paropakar Maternity and Women’s Hospital on 6th March 2016 of 18 year “Young Primigravida at 34 week and 5 days of gestation in second stage of labor” following ultrasonography diagnosis for better management. After confirming the diagnosis, preterm vaginal delivery was performed with a live baby of 1250 gm consisting of multiple congenital anomalies and poor Apgar score. Such cases do occur at our set-up so that if anomaly scanning is done routinely, 

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Kattel, P. (2018). Sirenomelia: A Case Report. Journal of Nepal Medical Association, 56(214), 974-976.
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