A Child Lost to Follow Up Carrying Beta Thalassemia Major: A Case Report

  • Prakash Banjade Department of Internal Medicine, Gan Regional Hospital, Maavah Health Center, Republic of Maldives.
  • Jeetendra Bhandari Department of Emergency Medicine, Chitwan Medical College, Chitwan, Nepal.
Keywords: Beta Thalassemia; case report; follow up; Maldives.


Thalassemia is inherited autosomal recessive disorders characterized by reduced rate of hemoglobin
synthesis due to a defect in alpha or beta globin chain synthesis. Maldives has a beta thalassemia
prevalence rate of 16–18%. Classical symptoms of beta thalassemia are common on those patients
who present late for blood transfusion which is common among the south Asian countries due to
resource poor situation. This case is a rare case report of commonly occurring phenomenon which
has been reported less among south Asian region. Reporting this case will help health worker to
manage cases accordingly. A five and half year prior diagnosed case of beta thalassemia at age
of 2 years and lost to follow up presented with cough, Dyspnoea, Irritability, fatigue with classic
symptom of beta thalassemia. She was managed with blood transfusion and kept on continuous
follow up for transfusion and iron overload management.

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Banjade, P., & Bhandari, J. (2020). A Child Lost to Follow Up Carrying Beta Thalassemia Major: A Case Report. Journal of Nepal Medical Association, 58(226). https://doi.org/10.31729/jnma.5129