Clinico-radiological Aspects of Neurocysticercosis in Pediatric Population in a Tertiary Hospital

  • Bandana Shrestha Gandaki medical college and teaching hospital
  • Prabha Mainali
  • Sujan Sayami
  • Om Kumar Shrestha


Introduction: Neurocysticercosis (NCC) is common in developing countries including Nepal. Clinical presentations vary depending on the CT scan findings of head. Adequate information of NCC in children from Western Nepal is lacking. This study was conducted with an objective of evaluating the most common clinical and radiological picture in children suffering from NCC at a tertiary care teaching hospital in Western Nepal.

 Methods: Hospital records of all pediatric inpatients, admitted from 16th June 2010 to 15th December 2012, consistent with the diagnosis of Neurocysticercosis were reviewed.

Results: Among the 217 patients that either presented seizure or other neurological deficit, 49 were diagnosed as Neurocysticercosis. Their age varied between 2.6 years and 14 years with the mean age of 10.6 years and the peak age of 12 years among diagnosed inpatients. It also showed slight male predominance with the ratio of male and female being 1.22:1. Sorted based on geographical distribution, the maximum of 14 (28.6%) patients were from Kaski district, closely followed by Tanahun district with 13 (26.5%). 38 (77.5%) of the presentations were seizures, partial seizures being most common. 44 (89.8%) of the lesions were single, with 20 (40.8%) predominantly residing in the parietal region, 30 (61.22%) were in transitional stage. However, number of lesions discovered from CT scan of head showed no significance in association with seizure types (p=0.84). In addition, perilesional edema and scolex within the lesion were noted in 67.34% and 18.36% of the cases respectively.

Keywords: clinico-radiological profile; neurocysticercosis; pediatric population.

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Bandana Shrestha, Gandaki medical college and teaching hospital
department of pediatrics, lecturer
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