Gastric Cancer Perforation: Experience from a Tertiary Care Hospital

  • Bishnu Prasad Kandel Department of Surgery, Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital,Kathmandu
  • Yogendra Singh Department of Surgery, Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital,Kathmandu
  • Keshav Prasad Singh Department of Surgery, Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital,Kathmandu
  • Mahesh Khakurel Department of Surgery, KIST Medical College, Kathmandu, Nepal.


Introduction: Gastric cancer perforation can occurs in advanced stage of the disease and is often
associated with a high morbidity and mortality. Peritonitis due to perforation needs emergency
laparotomy and different surgical procedures can be performed for definitive treatment. Surgical
procedures largely depend on the stage of the disease and general condition of the patient. This
study was carried out to evaluate the outcome and role of different surgical procedures in gastric
cancer perforation.

Methods: Medical record of patients with gastric perforation, who were treated during ten years
period, was reviewed retrospectively. Data regarding clinical presentation, surgical procedures,
staging and survival of patients were obtained.

Results: Features suggestive of diffuse peritonitis were evident in all cases. The majority of the
patients underwent emergency surgery except one who died during resuscitation. The majority of
patients were in stage III and stage IV. Surgical procedure includes simple closure and omental patch
in five patients, simple closure and gastrojejunostomy in nine patients, gastrectomy in six patients
and Devine’s antral exclusion in one patient. Surgical site infection was the most common (45.5%)
postoperative complication. Four patients died within one month of the surgery. Three patients who
underwent gastrectomy survived for one year and one patient survived for five years.

Conclusions: Although gastric cancer perforation usually occurs in advanced stage of the disease,
curative resection should be considered as far as possible.
Keywords: gastric cancer; gastrectomy; laparotomy; perforation; peritonitis.


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