Luxation of Eye Ball Following Trauma - A Rare Case Presentation

  • R Thapa Tilganga Institute of OphthalmologyGaushala, Kathmandu


Luxation of the eye globe is a rare event but it carries a risk of threat to permanent vision loss if appropriate intervention is not initiated on time. Although a rare presentation following minor trauma, it is usually associated with other ocular conditions like shallow orbital socket, oppy eyelid syndrome, and exophthalmos. Prompt reduction results in restoration of full anatomical and visual recovery in otherwise healthy eyes. We herein report a case of luxation of the eye ball following trauma in a 15-year-old girl, who recovered completely after the surgrical correction and a review of the relevant literature.

Keywords: eye ball, luxation, trauma


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Thapa, R. (2011). Luxation of Eye Ball Following Trauma - A Rare Case Presentation. Journal of Nepal Medical Association, 51(182).
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