Evaluation of Graft Uptake and Hearing Assessment after Palisade Myringoplasty

  • Poonam KC International Nepal Fellowship-Green Pastures Hospital, Pokhara, Nepal.


Introduction: Cartilage as a graft for closure of tympanic membrane has got superior benefits than other usual grafts (temporalis fascia and perichondrium). Cartilage supported myringoplasty with palisade technique has good result of graft uptake rate, even under difficult conditions. This technique brings very good functional and better long-term results. This study is done to assess graft uptake rate and hearing improvement after myringoplasty with cartilage palisade technique.

Methods: It is a descriptive, hospital based observational study done at Manipal Teaching Hospital, Pokhara between 2014-2017. A total of 45 patients aged between 13 years and 44 years diagnosed with chronic otitis media-mucosal were taken. Pure tone audiometry was done before and six months after surgery. Graft uptake and Post-operative hearing gain was evaluated after six months. Statistical analysis was done by Statistical Package for Social Sciences version 16.0. Statistical significance was set at P<0.05.

Results: Graft uptake rate was 41 (91.1%). The mean pre-and post-operative pure tone average were 26.88dB and 8.44dB respectively. The post-operative hearing gain was 18.36dB. Hearing improvement after surgery was found to be statistically highly significant with P<0.001.

Conclusions: Cartilage supported myringoplasty using palisade technique is preferred for chronic otitis media-mucosal with large and sub-total tympanic membrane perforation.

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