Early experience of Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery for Renal stone: A Descriptive Cross-sectional Study

  • Robin Joshi Department of Urology, Kathmandu Medical College and Teaching Hospital, Sinamangal, Kathmandu, Nepal
Keywords: nephrolithotomy, percutaneous; nephrolithiasis; renal; retrograde; surgery


Introduction: Retrograde intrarenal surgery with improving skill and knowledge may be considered
one of the first-line treatment options for removal of renal stones. The study is done to find the
outcome of retrograde intrarenal surgery in patients with renal stone.

This descriptive cross sectional study was carried out on patients undergoing
retrograde intrarenal surgery for renal stone at a tertiary care hospital December 2019 to March
2020. Ethical approval was taken from the institutional review committee (Ref. no.200120202).
The Convenient sampling method was applied. Data was collected and analyzed in Statistical
Package for the Social Sciences version 20.0. Point estimate at 95% confidence interval was
calculated along with frequency and proportion for binary data.

Out of the 28 patients, the retrograde intrarenal surgery was successful in 27 (96.4%)
cases. There were 16 (57.15%) females and 12 (42.86%) male patients with the mean age of
37.86±11.47 years. Most of the stones were in renal pelvis 18 (64.28%) followed by lower
calyx 8 (28.57%). The mean diameter of the stone was 11.47 ±3.33mm whereas most of
the stones were on the right side 16 (57.15%). The mean hardness was 1155.21±265.34
Hounsfield units. Perioperative complications like failed access sheath placement in 2 (7.14%)
cases, hematuria in 6 (21.43%) cases, fever in 6 (21.43%) cases, and septicemia in 4 (14.28%)

We found that the success rate of retrograde intrarenal surgery for the renal stone
was acceptable and similar to other published studies . Retrograde intrarenal surgery is feasible
for the treatment of kidney stones with acceptable complications and success rates.

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