Dementia Assessment and Management Protocol for Doctors in Nepal

  • Arun Jha Mental Health services for Older People, Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • Nidesh Sapkota Department of Psychiatry,BPK Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan


WHO Dementia Report published in 2012 highlighted the exponential rise of dementia in the elderly population worldwide, especially in low-and middle-income countries. There may be over 135,000 people with dementia in Nepal, but there are no formal arrangements for diagnosis and treatment or any care and support for their caregivers.

WHO developed the Mental Health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP) Intervention Guide in 2010, for mental, neurological and substance use, including dementia in non-specialist health settings. This paper reviews the current dementia care provisions in Nepal and proposes a mhGAP-based dementia assessment and management protocol for Nepalese doctors in hospital/clinic settings. The protocol also outlines a post-diagnostic advice for dementia caregivers. The protocol would be discussed at various stakeholders meetings before recommending for routine clinical use.

Keywords: caregiver burden; dementia; MCI; memory clinic; mhGAP-IG; protocol.

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Jha, A., & Sapkota, N. (2013). Dementia Assessment and Management Protocol for Doctors in Nepal. Journal of Nepal Medical Association, 52(189), 292-298.
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